We’re excited to announce today the launch of our new healthcare edition – Mobile Commons for Health. We’ve distilled the best practices learned from years of work in mobile health, and made it even easier for health care organizations to launch their mobile campaigns.

The Incredible Potential of Mobile Health

Over the last few years, we’ve seen firsthand how mobile messaging can greatly increase health care outcomes. Working with the New York City Department of Health, we saw mobile messages double the quit rates of heavy smokers. With Howard Brown Hospital and New York Presbyterian, we saw that mobile messages helped HIV+ patients adhere to their complicated medication schedules. Working with Planned Parenthood, we’ve seen mobile messages provide personal answers for teens’ difficult questions. All of that occurs in a cost-efficient, logistically simple manner – especially when compared to other types of direct intervention, such as phone calls or in-patient care.

Mobile Commons for Health: An All-In-One Solution with Enhanced Privacy

Knowing the incredible potential of mobile, we wanted to make it even easier for health care organizations to launch their mobile campaigns. Our Health Edition takes what we’ve learned from all of these examples and puts the best, most useful features right at Health organizations’ fingertips.

Because we know how sensitive health care information is, we have also added enhanced privacy features to Mobile Commons for Health. Health care companies can block out phone numbers in the web interface, and obscure protected health information. We also have restricted rules around passwords and automatic logoff, to ensure the information’s safety.

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