Planning an event, a conference, or a convention can be an overwhelming task. Between managing the logistics of attendees, sponsors, panels, speakers, booth setup, and a billion other details, the process can be staggering.

That’s why Mobile Commons has created a suite of products that use the magic of SMS technology to make your event easier to organize, smoother to run, and more successful.

1) Incorporate a Text Call to Action to Generate More Leads

When you’re doing media outreach around your event, ask people to text in to reserve their spot.  Adding a text “call to action” to your existing outreach is easy to do and can yield phenomenal results. Once someone has texted in, you can begin a text conversation with them that goes through the event, and onward into the future.

For a few great examples of text calls to action, click here.

2) Let People Register over SMS

When one customer of ours wanted to register tens of thousands of high school students for the Penn Relays, they opened it up to SMS. RSVP by text messaging works at a fraction of the cost of phone calls.

3) Notify Guests of Sessions Through Scheduled SMS Messages

Set up a message schedule in advance that lets event attendees know about speakers, meals, breakout sessions, or any other event news.

4) Use Text to Screen to Engage People at the Event

Moderated Text to Screen allows attendees to express their thoughts or ask questions live. Message streams can also broadcast to the web.

5) Do Post-Event Follow-up with Surveys

As fantastic as your event might be (and with all these mobile ideas, it will obviously be phenomenal), it’s always great to get feedback. A text survey is convenient to answer, and delivers results data in an easy to understand format.

6) Build Lasting Relationships

Create a lasting connection by asking event attendees to text in to join your list. New registrants can be automatically synched with your existing CRM, and you can keep track of each registrant separately.

If you have an event upcoming and want to find out how a mobile campaign can help you, email

And to get a few examples of Mobile Commons in action at events, check out the following case studies:

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