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City Health Department Launches Texting Service For NYers With HIV

2013-12-2 – New Yorkers diagnosed with HIV can now be connected to medical support with just a text message.


MTA’s Bus Time expands into Manhattan, coming to Brooklyn and Queens within six months

2013-10-7 – The MTA’s Bus Time – which shows how many stops away the next bus is – expanded into Manhattan Monday.


Need Birth Control Advice, Fast? Text Planned Parenthood

2013-9-30 – A live, anonymous expert? That’s a person a teenager or young adult can really lay out a whole situation to without feeling embarrassed or judged.


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Making Obamacare Work, Using Simple Text Messages

2013-9-5 – What’s the best way to explain to people how to use and benefit from the new law? How about the way we all communicate?



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CNN’s Piers Morgan on Mobile Commons Advocacy (video)

2013-4-11 — CNN’s Piers Morgan discussed Mobile Commons Advocacy. “I love this idea,” he said. “This is direct action.” 


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Mobile Commons Advocacy (video)

2013-4-9 — MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow praised Mobile Commons Advocacy. “This is smart, right? Take people who are moved by this issue and connect them to the person they can most move in Washington,” she said.


crains new yorkText Messaging Firm Gets Busy

2012-11-18 — Superstorm Sandy knocked some New York companies to their knees and played havoc with voting on Nov. 6. But the combination of the storm and the election gave Mobile Commons the busiest weeks it’s ever had.


New Tools for Disaster Aid

2012-11-9 – Local officials established automated systems that let residents get information about closed schools or relocated polling centers by sending text messages. Volunteers who were pumping out flooded basements are using similar techniques to coordinate their efforts.


Mobile might: Sandy’s wrath no match for B’klyn tech firm on election day

2012-11-9 – In the days leading up to the election, mobile messaging company Mobile Commons sent millions of text messages for the Obama campaign and also got the word out to local voters on where they could vote if their regular polling places were shuttered by Hurricane Sandy.


The business of mobile democracy

2012-10-28 — Sometimes the simplicity of SMS is the best way to reach citizens for political and civic engagement. Take, for example, the mobile-marketing platform Mobile Commons’ recent work.


MTA Bus Time coming to the Bronx

2012-10-26 — “It’s a simple concept but it has a huge impact,” Moskowitz said. “It’s allowed people to avoid waiting unnecessarily at the bus stop. They can now use that time to grab a cup of coffee or spend a few extra minutes at home with their children.”


Cashing in on the Campaign

2012-9-25 — In 2008, the Obama campaign embraced social media to get out the vote. Now, it’s capitalizing on text messages with the help of Brooklyn, New York, software company Mobile Commons.


Doing Good by Texting: Jed Alpert is Harnessing Cell Phones in the Name of Charity and Social Change

2012-8-27 — To understand what makes the cell phone such a uniquely powerful tool for community organizing and activism, consider three facts about text messaging: it is almost completely spam-free, it’s personal, and nearly every message gets read.


Texting for $$$: Obama campaign lets  you text donations via mobile phone

2012-8-23 – “Text donations level the playing field by giving people who never had a stake in the outcome an opportunity to participate in the process,” said Jed Alpert, founder of mobile strategy company Mobile Commons.


OMG! You’re Not Using Text Messaging to Reach Constituents?

2012-8-22 – From text-based applications to mobile customer relationship management platforms to simple one-to-one communications, text messaging has suddenly become sexy again.


S&S + Mobile Commons = YA Text Campaign

2012-7-12 –  Comic-Con San Diego will be crawling with rabid YA book fans this weekend, making it an ideal place for Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing and Brooklyn-based mobile strategy and software company Mobile Commons to kick off a new mobile program that allows readers to connect with authors via text messaging.


National Cancer Institute taps SMS to urge teens to quit smoking

2012-5-18 – By connecting with young smokers on their mobile phones, NCI hopes to more effectively encourage them to quit since text messaging is such a popular activity among teens and young adults.


Starting the Conversation: How to make mobile a part of your overall marketing strategy

2012-3-21 — Marketers should be using mobile to reach customers — but CIOs need to be smart about their supporting strategy, says Jed Alpert, founder and CEO of mobile technology company Mobile Commons. “You want to be able to engage your customers in an ongoing conversation that’s useful to them, not just blast out coupons,” he tells Profit.


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From Obama to Brands: Leveraging Participatory Engagement

2012-3-6 – What if brands stand back from the discounts, the promotions, and the free content and instead wonder what they might do with their loyal customer? That is one of the interesting insights that comes out of the work Mobile Commons does with political and social causes (Obama 2012, Center for rights) as well as with major Web publishers (Tumblr, Reddit) and even healthcare brands.


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Bus tracking expands as MTA eyes citywide rollout

2012-1-11 – The MTA worked with OpenPlans, a nonprofit that helps cities manage data in ways that allow the information to beshared. Also involved were Cambridge Systematics, which creates transportation software, and Mobile Commons, which developed a system through which riders will be able to receive live GPS data via text message. Each organization is based in New York, reflecting the city’s effort to nurture homegrown technology companies


The Company That Generated 400,000 Calls to Congress about SOPA

2011-12-20 – On the first day, [anti-SOPA advocacy] generated 87,000 calls. When other organizations joined in –expressing a desire to “melt Congress’s phone system” — the number of calls pouring into congressional offices surpassed 400,000. Mobile Commons is the company that made those hundreds of thousands easy-to-place calls possible.


It Just Got Incredibly Easy to Tell Congress that SOPA Sucks

2011-12-15 — I’ll fess up. Sometimes there are issues I want to support, but I’m too lazy to look up my congress person’s phone number and call him. Or her? I don’t know, like I said, I’m lazy. Good news for losers like me. Mobile Commons has made calling your representative insanely easy.


Calling Dr. Crowd: News outlets rely on the masses for public health stories

2011-12-14 — When plugged into a map the data suggested what residents had long suspected—that the roughly 10,000 trucks crossing the Ambassador Bridge… were likely contributing to the area’s disproportionately high asthma rate, amongst other quality of life issues.


Presidential Campaigns Seek Fundraising’s Holy Grail: Mobile Donations

2011-10-24 — Developing easy ways for people to donate to political campaigns using their cellphones has been the holy grail of campaign finance teams for several cycles now.


How Data and Open Government are Transforming NYC

2011-10-7 — The experience in NYC during Hurricane Irene “once again proved the utility and importance of open data and the NYC DataMine, as several organizations used OEM’s Hurricane Evacuation Zone geographic data to build maps that served and informed the public,” said NYC’s chief digital officer Rachel Sterne.


Texting Service Makes it Simpler to Park in SF

2011-9-15 — San Francisco just made the hunt for a parking space in a city-owned garage much easier with the debut of a text-messaging service … that provides real-time information on space availability in 14 public lots.


NYC Crowdsources Tropical Storm Irene Damage Map

2011-8-29 — New York City launched a crowdsourced project Sunday that allows residents to plot damage caused by Tropical Storm Irene on a Google map.


MSNBC Reports: Mobile Technology Used as a Safety Tool

2011-8-28 — Mobile Commons CEO Jed Alpert gave an interview to on MSNBC to talk about what we’ve done to help New Yorkers prepare for and recover from Irene.


Charity Goes Mobile to Appeal to Young

2011-6-24 — Do Something, a national nonprofit group that works to involve teenagers in civic activities, had to go mobile. No longer could it rely on its Web site to motivate young people to take part in social activism. Instead, it would rely on mobile technology in the hopes of substantially increasing its reach and impact.


How 5 Non-Profits Are Innovating With Mobile

2011-5-19 — Even before that first cup of coffee, an increasing number of us are reaching for our mobile phones in the morning. That makes mobile the perfect fit for non-profits that want to capitalize on every and any moment an individual is inspired to act on behalf of a cause.


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Where to Vote Via Text Message

2010-10-30 — You now officially have no excuse for not voting on Tuesday. Mobile Commons has created the Mobile Polling Place Locator, an SMS service that tells you where your polling station is. And data shows that when people get text messages reminding them to vote, participation goes up by 4-5%.


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Whale Song Via Text Message

2009-10-02 — The Shedd Aquarium used text message technology vendor Mobile Commons to enable the program. The benefits of the program transcended greater awareness, the Shedd reports. Mobile Commons integrated its text message system with the Shedd’s customer relationship management system, bringing in more e-mail addresses for its e-mail marketing and customer acquisition efforts. (pdf)


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A Small Business Guide to Text-Message Marketing

2009-09-24 — That’s why a lot of small businesses start with an off-the-shelf platform offered by companies like Mobile Commons… Of course, to capture people’s cell numbers, you need some way to get their attention. “I tell businesses to think about the resources they already have at their disposal,” said Jed Alpert, the founder of Mobile Commons. “If you’re a restaurant, you have tabletops. If you have a highly trafficked Web site, or are running billboards or radio spots, those are all good places to let people know about your texting campaign.” (pdf)



Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium Finds Texting Beat Out Web in Direct-TV Spot

2009-09-21 — SMS may lack sizzle, but it can deliver the goods if provoking your audience to action is the goal, as Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium recently discovered from its summer test campaigns. Given the relatively low outlay, marketers may want to consider SMS trials in their out-of-home and broadcast campaigns if for nothing else than to capture users for their mobile-marketing database. Mr. Alpert said over the hundreds of mobile campaigns his agency has managed, an average 85% of those who opt into a campaign will respond to more requests for information, such as age and ZIP code.


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SMS + TV = Teachable Moment

2009-09-21 — This all goes to show that mobile phones are becoming more of a “second screen” than the PC. The likelihood that we will interact with or around TV content via our cell phone seems greater than the likelihood we will resort to the nearby laptop. In a recent experiment by the mobile marketing firm Mobile Commons, an on-air campaign for Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium was pushing viewers to get more information. “They had a problem that a lot of brands have,” says Anthony Risicato, CEO, Mobile Commons. “They had something new to promote and didn’t just want an awareness campaign. They wanted to sell tickets.” (pdf)


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Shedd Lures Contestants with Text Message

2009-09-21 — The SMS call to action generated 325% more entries than the web-based call-to-action, making up 52% of the total entries, though it ran in only 25% of the ads. “SMS reveals a greater sense of urgency,” said Jed Alpert, founder of Mobile Commons, the technology company that managed the campaign’s SMS piece. “It’s more actionable and convenient, and people have a more direct connection with their phones.” (pdf)


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Shedd Aquarium’s Cell Phone Connection

2009-09-21 — In a TV ad campaign aired this summer on the four major broadcast networks, one of Chicago’s leading tourist attractions tried an unusual experiment. The commercials, which offered free tickets to the premiere of a new aquatic show, were identical in all but one respect. Some asked viewers to enter the contest by clicking on a Web site, while others asked them to text. The so-called SMS plea worked better, resulting in a three-to-one contest entry rate over the URL. (pdf)


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9/11 Memorial & Museum Runs Mobile Giving Initiative with NASCAR

2009-09-10 — The Mobile Commons platform allows the 9/11 Memorial & Museum to run a truly integrated campaign with SMS, the Web, mobile giving, email, television and print all playing a part. (pdf)


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National September 11 Memorial to run Mobile Effort at NASCAR Race

2009-09-10 — The National September 11 Memorial & Museum is partnering with mobile marketing services firm Mobile Commons for an initiative observing 9/11. The goal of the “Text to Remember” program is to raise money for and awareness of the September 11 Memorial, which will be built on the site of the World Trade Center. (pdf)



NASCAR Race Car Honors 9/11 Terror Victims

2009-08-31 — In association with the Sept. 11 NASCAR race, the foundation that will operate the memorial, and museum is launching the “text to remember” program. The program is designed to help raise funds and awareness for the memorial, which has a planned opening date of 2011. (pdf)


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The Best Fish to Buy? Ask Your Cell Phone

New mobile services provide instant access to the healthiest, greenest catch. (pdf)



Best Food News of ’08: Don’t Forget Your Cellphone

2008-11-16 — Technology is making it easier to eat your favorite fish eco-consciously. If you text to 30644 with the message FISH and the name of the fish you are considering having. (pdf)


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Mobile Will Play A Bigger Role In Politics

2008-10-16 — Experts are predicting that in future elections, the use of mobile technology will become the standard and play an even larger role. Going forward, candidates will be able to use text messages to collect campaign contributions, by either people texting in their contributions, like you can do today with non-profits, or by users clicking to call from a text message, according to Jed Alpert, CEO of Mobile Commons. (pdf)


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Making Politics Pay Off

2008-04-20 — Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards used Mobile Commons to send constituents text messages about his upcoming appearances and updates on fundraising. The software firm, just 18 months old, saw sales double last year. (pdf)


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Text-to-Vote Takes to Campaign Trail

2008-03-31 — Mobile marketing tactics are expanding beyond candidates and voter turnout into social causes… Candidates and campaigns should keep messages simple and include a call to action… “The key of a mobile marketing campaign is a call-to-action,” Alpert said. “It’s a much more meaningful kind of interaction than just being bombarded with messages.” (pdf)


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Convio Targets Nonprofits with Mobile Service

2008-03-18 — Convio Inc. has made Mobile Commons’ suite of products available to Convio’s nonprofit clients, creating mobile applications that let members get instant information through their mobile phones. (pdf)


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Shopping for Fish

You can text Blue Ocean’s Fishphone at 30644 with the message FISH and the name of the fish in question. Immediately you’ll get a text back with an assessment and, when appropriate, a more environmentally sound alternative. (pdf)


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don’t 4get ur pills: Text Messaging for Health

2007-11-20 — The new text-messaging service [by Mobile Commons] is part of an emerging wave of technology that allows consumers to get instant health information through their cellphones. Text messaging is fast, cheap and private. Unlike voice mail, it is easier to recall and easier to respond to. And unlike email, it doesn’t require a BlackBerry or other email device when people are on the go.


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The 6th Annual Fast 50

2007-03-01 — One of the most vexing problems for political organizers has been the prohibitive cost of contacting the faithful. It costs at least $3 a person to reach loyalists by phone to get them to act quickly about a hot issue. “We’re getting people involved at one-tenth to one-fiftieth the cost,” Jed Alpert says.


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Between Polar Opposites Is This Equator: Text Me

2006-07-02 — Sending text messages to cellphones is catching on this year as a method for reaching supporters. “It’s a very good way to increase the number of people you’re in ongoing contact with,” said Jed Alpert, the company’s chief executive. “You can enroll at different points of contact, at live events, in print media or on the Web. We get response rates that are 10, 20 even 30 times what response rates are to e-mail because open rates are so high with text messaging.” (pdf)


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Wind on Capitol Hill: The Britney Option

2005-08-01 — Advocacy groups on both sides of the political fence are again cranking up their phone-bank operations and e-mail campaigns, as they get ready for a showdown. One organization, People for the American Way, is trying something new: an initiative to coordinate thousands of simultaneous calls to the Senate by alerting its members via cell-phone text messaging, a medium more generally associated with preteen flirting or casting votes for American Idol than with progressive activism. (pdf)